Thursday, August 21, 2008

EA Announces SIMS 3 Will be here in 2009

I don't normally write about games here but I was on the EA website today looking a Madden 09 game for a friend and decided to check out the corporate page. It appears that EA is going to release a SIMS 3 game in 2009.
Why is this news you may ask. Well the SIMS was one of the very first social games that could be played with other Internet users. The SIMS was becoming a classic. The younger gamers on the net want Gears Of War, Tiger Woods or Madden Football and the like, not some social game were users can take weeks to finish a game. So EA is breathing life into the SIMS with all new layouts rooms.
From the EA site: "THE SIMS 3 IN STORES FEBRUARY 20, 2009 REDWOOD CITY, CA — August 20, 2008 — Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced at the Leipzig Games Convention that The Sims™ 3, the highly anticipated next-generation flagship PC game from The Sims Label, will be available at retailers worldwide " A PDF with all the details is available at the link above.

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