Monday, August 18, 2008

Apple IPhone Next Generation and More Providers Were

Apple will announce August 22, 2008 that users will be seeing the next generation of IPhone and the introduction of more service providers. It's about time Smartphone users can use a IPhone on there preferred network without having to change accounts or buy a unlocked IPhone. After all Apple will not repair any phone that has been altered in anyway by a user.
As far as a 4Th generation IPhone who knows what they are talking about. Is it the phone the new carriers will have, but basically the same 3G Iphone with any GSM. We will see 8/22. But all this could be bunk. I don't now any of this news for a fact. The cable channels have been talking about Apple doing this, but other press releases have said that AT&T will be the exclusive provider in the USA. So who knows. When it comes to iPhone all kinds of rumors pop up.
We will see 8/22/2008

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