Thursday, June 19, 2008

LG VU Smartphone with Vu tv Best New Cell Phone

Summer 2008 will be known as the Summer Of The Smart Phone. One of the Best Rated Smart Phones Today is The LG VU cu920.Touch Screen 3G TV Phone. The Vu920 has to be the best Beach Toy of 2008 too. The kids have Supersoakers and the Parents have a Vu 920.
With the sleek and stunning Vu™ by LG, you can see the world in a whole new light — check out crystal clear TV, web, pictures, or videos on a large, intuitive touch screen. Get the utmost in mobile entertainment with a music player, 2.0 megapixel camera, video share and Bluetooth® capabilities. You can go anywhere or do anything with just a simple touch. The Vu is the perfect blend of design and technology that will give you an innovative perspective on life!

LG Vu's Large, Interactive Touch Screen
o AT&T Mobile TV
o HTML Web Browsing
o Music Player with Customizable Equalizer
o 2.0 Megapixel Autofocus Camera with Video
o Video Share
o CV over 3G Network
o Mobile Email, IM, & MMS
o Bluetooth® Capability for Music, TV, & Voice
o microSD™ Memory Port

o Sleek, Minimalist Bar Design
o Large 3” Touch Screen
o Touch Key Vibration for Button-Like Feedback
o Auto Screen & Key Lock – prevents unwanted key actions
o 3 Hard Keys (Send, Clear, Power/End) Below Touch Screen

AT&T MOBILE TV On Vu cu-920*
o Watch Full-Length Broadcast Quality Shows
o Wide Screen for Optimal TV Viewing
o Extendable TV Antenna for Enhanced TV Reception
o Channel Surf with No Buffering
o Easy-to-Use Program Guide

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The LG Vu cu 920 is The Best New Smart Phone for those users who want the Mult-Media 3G experiance with the Touch Screen Technology. Check out the full Vu CU920 Features & Specifications

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