Tuesday, May 20, 2008

ATT Internet Services Phone Number

Over the course of the last couple years I have been asked many times what is ATT Internet Services Phone Number. I have spent probably two hour researching what the phone number to call for users AT&T Internet Service.
Internet services all tend to try and get consumers to use the Internet to self diagnose issues. It's one way to make money or save money for the company on labor. I must say that AT&Ts Internet service is dependable and when you call you talk to a English speaking person. Nothing against India, but the issue with being to understand the customer service person has grown out of control IMO. Most people who call for customer service concerning the Internet are not using the Internet in ways like web masters. Web masters have a general understanding of most issues concerning the Internet connections. Unlike a casual user who encountered a problem and has no idea why. For instance my dad is in his 70s. We as a family gave him a new Dell Desk Top a couple years ago for Christmas. He recently had a issue with his router. He dropped it. After waiting for a week for the cable company to send a new one he then had to deal with a Indian customer service person. Now for someone like myself this is no big deal, but for a old guy set in his ways this was very difficult. 1st he could understand the person and combined with the lack of understanding IPs address's and the like his experience was a bad one. So bad he had to hang up and told them he would call them back. When I called to check how it went and heard the news I decided to run through some trouble shooting with him and with in 5 minutes the problem was solved. It was a simple reset of the router and confirming the IP address. Why this person couldn't provide this simple answer is beyond me. After talking with him I came to the conclusion that it was two issues. First my dad doesn't speak computer and 2nd the customer service person didnt speak English. That simple. So the purpose of this post was to post ATT Internet Services Phone Number and I rambled off topic. I use AT&T Internet Services and have found the service comparable if not better than the cable company and I am online 24/7 as a webmaster, Needless to say it was very easy convincing my dad to switch to ATT. And I didnt even need to go to his home to install it. I did the installation with him over the phone in ten minutes. Well I'm done babbling about ATT Internet Service Phone Number.

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Internet Services
AT&T Worldnet® Service Customers
1-800-400-14471-877-TTY-WNET (TTY)
AT&T Dial Internet Service
1-866-722-DIAL (1-866-722-3425)

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