Friday, August 6, 2010

Blackberry Torch Launches To Good Reviews, Smartphones

The newest phone from RIM in 2010 is the Blackberry Torch. For those lucky enough to get their hands on it during pre release say its powerful. The Torch comes preloaded with Blackberry 6 and more.
The RIM hardware team has developed the best combined touch-qwerty experience available, seamlessly incorporating our signature BlackBerry keyboard and precision trackpad in a striking design that simply feels supurb in your hand. One of the things users love the most about the BlackBerry Torch design is the way it allows them to easily transition between using the touch screen, trackpad and keyboard interfaces. The phone can switch between them and interact with the handset and applications in a very natural way.
The question among many is will The Torch 9800 put Blackberry back on top as Android moves ahead of iPhone with 200k devices being activated everyday? Our answer would be Blackberry has always been on top, but the Torch will cement them above the rest.
Your can read more about the Newest Blackberry Smartphone at Blackberry Torch Phone

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