Monday, March 29, 2010

Verizon iPhone Coul be Here By Summer

Everyone interested in Cell Phones knows that iPhone has been exclusive to AT&T since its launch June 15, 2008. Things are going to change accord to the wall Street Journal and some insiders.
For AT&T, the Apple relationship has been crucial, helping to make the carrier the U.S. leader in lucrative smart-phone market share. According to comScore Inc., AT&T has over 43% of all U.S. smart-phone customers, compared with 23% for Verizon. These customers are especially attractive because they generally pay higher monthly rates for data plans.
We first heard about this Verizon iPhone from Cafe iPhone Blog a few months back but didn't pay much attention to it.
This development will make excullsivtivity a thing of the past. With Google Android Phone taking a huge chunk of the market in less than a year Apple  will have to break down and relax the business model.
All the Best New Smartphones for the most part have been Android Phones like Nexus One , Droid and now the HTC EVO 4G are as good if not much better than iPhone. And Android is free. Apple charges for every little thing and they have your music by the balls with DMR. These reason are putting a bad taste in Mobile Phone Users Mouths. Especially those who only first bought a Apple product just because it was the iPhone. Which is not the best rated cell phone in many techies opinion.

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