Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Minute Shoppers Look for Free Next Day Shipping

So Christmas is right around the corner. Don't fret if your a last second shopper. Almost all online shopping sites have last minute shipping.
Amazon has some of the best shipping deals on the net. Amazon is one of the most popular sites too.

Ebay also has many sellers that will guarantee that buyers will receive items by Christmas. EBay has improved 10 fold over the last year as far as trusted sellers. EBay has improved their search function to show the most trusted seller first. EBay has also removed the negative feedback function for sellers. Now if a buyer is not happy with a transaction they don't need to worry about retaliatory feedback. You can find some awesome deals on EBay too.

Want to give the gift of a new cell Phone? Verizon is offering Free Overnight Shipping on The Best New Smartphones. The standout is The LG Dare. The Dare Phone has been pick as the Best New Cell Phone by Consumer Reports, PC Magazine and cNet. Whats more is Verizon has dropped the price of LG Dare to $129.00 with a 2 year contract or $199.00 with a one year contract. The Dare is more than a Cell Phone. Its a Cell Phone Camera, GPS Phone and a complete media player with VCAST Music and TV. Click LG Dare Without Contract if your looking for Dare Phone no contract.
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The Blackberry Storm is a big hit this Christmas too. Buyers can click on the banner or Blackberry Storm Auction for where to buy Blackberry Storm Details.

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