Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where To Sell, Electronics Recycling, Electronics Components

I usually write about cool gadgets electronics and the Best New Cell Phones here. After cleaning my office this week I had a box of old Cell Phones and Electronics that will never be used again. Just recently I had seen a News Special on NECN from Boston about a new Company named Gazelle . What Gazelle dose is buy your old electronics and they make it easy. Users simply go online enter information about what they want to sell and Gazelle sends a offer for your gadgets. Then a prepaid box is sen to the users door. Simply put the electronic device in the box send it to Gazelle and get paid. As soon as they receive your used electronics and gadgets (such as used cell phones, used laptops etc.), they inspect them to be sure their condition matches your evaluation. They will notify you via email once your item has been received and inspected, and again when your payment has been sent. The whole process takes about a week once they receive a box from you.

On average every household in the United States has 50 unused electronic devices just sitting around doing nothing. These devices like Cell Phones, Blackberry's, iPods etc all contain dangerous metals in them. With the Cell Phone having become a everyday device for pretty much everyone that adds up to tons of potentially fatal amounts of metals and chemicals getting into water supplies and eventually the food chain.

Gazelle provides an easy, fast, and safe way for you to sell electronics and recycle electronics. When you sell cell phones, mp3 players, laptops, or other gadgets to , you'll earn cash and help save the environment by keeping old, used gadgets out of landfills. You get green while being green! The bottom line is you want to sell electronics and Gazelle wants to buy electronics.

This has to be the best concept, Electronics Recycling of Electronics Components I have ever heard of. In the interview with the Owner on the news he said he wants to as easy as Netflix which has turned out to be the future on Movie Rentals, so why not Gazelle.
Get paid to recycle iPods, PDA's, Cell Phones, Smartphones, Cell Phones, MP3 Players
Digital Cameras, GPS Devices, Laptops, Camcorders, Gaming Consoles, Satellite Radios
Portable Hard Drives, and more every day.

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