Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ebay Announces Sweeping Changes Site Wide

Sweeping Changes are coming to Ebay.com
We knew when Meg Whitman announced leaving Ebay there would be changes, but it seems Ebay is planning on very serious re tooling of the site. Here's a snippet of what's going to happen in February 2008.

Bid, Buy or Sell on eBay!
The highlights
FREE Gallery Woohoo. Sellers have been asking for free gallery forever. .35 cents for a photo put lots low priced items back on the shelves of sellers. Left to collect dust waiting for this very day.
Reducing insertion fees:
Reduced Feature Plus and Pro Pack fees
Increased listing exposure for sellers with great DSRs
Pricing discounts for PowerSellers with great DSRs
Protection from chargebacks for PowerSellers
All addresses are confirmed addresses for PowerSellers on their eBay listings that are paid with PayPal
Unlimited PayPal protection for PowerSellers
Repeat Feedback credit
Rolling 12-month Feedback Percentage
Personalized Seller Dashboard that will include information about:
PowerSeller status
Account billing status
Final value fee discount qualification
Policy violations and risk of restriction
Buyer satisfaction (based on feedback, DSRs and complaints)
This Dashboard will give you an at-a-glance look at your standing, and should help you manage your business more efficiently. You'll basically have the same view as customer support, so there should be no more complaints about not knowing where you stand at eBay.
It still remains to seen if all the changes will be a good thing for Ebay. It appears Ebay will be cracking down on all sellers. Sellers will not be able to leave negative feedback for buyers. WHAT ? Yes, Sellers will not be able to leave feedback. "Sellers may only leave positive feedback for buyers " This very alarming for every seller on Ebay. As it is now a buyer can get a seller pushed off the face of the site with 1 or 2 negative feedbacks. Those buyers who abuse the system will have feild day with this change. Ebay has a point though. Most buyers who have a negative experience with feedback tend to leave the site and not come back. But that being said they are taking away the only recourse a seller has in a dispute. Sellers have been getting blackmailed by buyers since the last changes in the feedback forum. Changes in Feedback link.
All in all it will be up to individual buyers and sellers to judge if the changes will be good or bad. See the Breaking News from Ebay at Changes on Ebay.com
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You can see the Webcast of Bill Cobb's keynote address at the eCommerce Forum in Washington D.C

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