Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The LG Voyager VS iPhone Will There Be War

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Here comes another Cell Phone to Mix up the Cell Wars. The Voyager will be the Apple iPhones first real competition when it comes out in November. That's right just in time for Christmas. The Voyager will give the anti Apple People the opportunity to have similar functions
Drawing the focus off of the iPhone for sure. After all The LG Voyager is being offered by Verizon. Verizon customers have been locked into using Verizon Cell Phone due to fact Verizon doesn't use SIM Cards. iPhone lovers were able to by a unlocked iPhone for two months plus now.
Will the hackers be able to convert the phone non Verizon users will be seen shortly after it's release. The focus on all Cell Phones in the future will be on these types of technology. Every function in one box. MP3 Player, Email, Internet, Text, Operating systems, Blue Tooth. Will these phones slow the sales of Laptop computers also remains to be seen. They Just might.

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"The LG Voyager™ is the first phone from Verizon Wireless that features a large external touch screen. Packaged in a lateral-clamshell design that hides a full QWERTY keypad, The LG Voyager™ is exclusive to Verizon Wireless and comes packed with a number of cool features, including a HTML browser for enhanced Internet browsing, full V CAST-capabilities – including V CAST Mobile TV, V CAST Music and the ability to play .mp3, .wma and unprotected .aac files, and V CAST Video. These capabilities, coupled with Verizon Wireless’ high-speed wireless broadband network, make downloading music or surfing the Web while on-the-go quick and easy." From LG.com

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