Thursday, October 18, 2007

Apple Announces iPhone Hack Kit To Be Released

Apple announces Wednesday October 17 2007 that Apple will be releasing a hack kit for the Apple iPhone in February.. Exactly what iphone enthusiast will be able do with the kit is unclear at this point, but the release of the kit clearly shows Apple wants keep up with hackers. From what we gather is that consumers will be able to unlock the iPhone fairly easily and developers will be able to develop applications for the phone. The release of the iPhone hack kit should increase sales of the iphone after the Holiday Season wraps up.
Not to say the iPhone needs a boost at this time. Sales of the phone are still strong on
Ebay and other auction sites. Apple simply must have thought if you can't beat them, they had better join them. After all the iPhone was hacked within a month of its release. Dropping the inclusive attitude should really boost sales. People who swore they would not buy the iPhone will now give a second thought to it.
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