Sunday, July 1, 2007

Apple iphones on Ebay Vary in price $699.00 and up

Has everyone seen whats happening on with the new Apple iphone. I have been monitoring the auctions since the new Apple toy went on sale. I haven't searched all the completed listing, but the one's I saw ranged anywhere from $699.00 to $1'200 and up. I find it unusual that some sellers can get mega bucks for these hyped up new products and other don't sell at all. This week should be a good time to try for a iPhone on Ebay.
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It seems to me that if you wait a couple days the sellers that were attempting to make a winfall on the new Apple iPhone will start to drop their reserve price's. Even with the concerns beginning to come to light the iphone continues to be on the road to selling out. Reported by FOX News Sunday morning. I beleive a lot of people who were caught up in the iphone hype will begin to have buyers remorse and try and sell their phones on To return the iPhone opened to AT&T you are charged a %10 re-stocking according to the web site. If you return the phone sealed you have 30 days and opened 14 days from activation. Go here for more on returning the iPhone. I would think most people would rather take their chances on Ebay than give up the restocking fee. And who knows maybe make a few bucks. If the iPhone really dose sell out we can look forward to the price going up on Ebay. Items like the iPhone tend to increase as inventory declines.
The reports of the down falls of the Apple iPhone will be my next blog subject. It looks like they are adding up as reviews come to light. Everything from needing a new battery after a year to slow data transfer. All debunked so far.
UPDATE: Apple is up to 4 Million sold as 1/15/08 Read More iPhone Breaking News
Apple Releases iPhone Video

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